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We have over 30 years experience in providing high quality and cost effective solutions to farmers all over the UK.

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Specialists in crop drying we can provide fans, stirrers, temperature and humidity controllers to complete store design and installation.

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Constant Humidity Controller

Our burners have a proven record with thousands of units in use nationwide.

Tunnels & Walling

Made from hot rolled steel section providing exceptional strength and rigidity.


At the heart of the high temperature drying system, it significantly reduces the drying time.


Our fans are matched to your store and burner for optimal efficiency.

Design & Installation

Our experience shows we can design or modify your bulk storage system for the drying performance you require.

Constant Humidity Controller

Since the development of the first Harvest Constant Humidity Controller (CHC) in 1979, Harvest Installations has been supplying UK and International farmers with guaranteed drying conditions, 24hrs a day, every day.

The CHC system has a proven record of accuracy, efficiency and economy with thousands of units in use on all combinable crops and onions across thousands of stores nationwide.

With a range of sizes from 200,000 to 4,000,000 BTU/hr all using the same plate type burner head, independent burner fan and up to date electronics and controls, they have proved themselves for 40 years.

Tunnels & Walling

The addition of the Harvest Main Air Duct has given farmers the confidence to maximize building footprint by increasing storage depths.

Fabricated from hot rolled steel section with frame centres set to an extremely economical 1220mm, it is built to handle not only high storage loads, but in addition to accept the loads created by the action of the Harvest Maxi Stirrer. Frames also align with most timber floor designs, and the full-length air doors ensures uninterrupted airflow under the drying floor.


Built into new high tech crop stores they offer high drying rates for all combinable crops but almost all existing crop storage buildings can be fitted with the Harvest Maxi stirrer.

Stirrers allow more airflow through the crop, allowing greater storage depths allowing more tonnes per floor area and fan units can be smaller and a lower kW rating, as airflow per tonne is greatly reduced compared with a static store.


We supply both centrifugal and two stage axial fans ranging from 4 hp through to 50 hp for a variety of situations.

With the increased use of temperature drying systems in bulk stores our centrifugal fans will handle air temperatures of up to 50°C without any appreciable rise in motor temperature.

G.E.V.E Gable end extraction and ventilation units consisting of 900mm diameter reversible fan unit with mounting plate and external cowl which can be supplied insulated and fitted with external silencer if required for noise sensitive areas.

Design & Installation

Our experience means that we are capable of designing or modifying your bulk storage system to suit the drying performance you require.

More installations are now using relatively high air-temperature to enable batches of several hundred tonnes to be dried with high daily moisture removal rates.

We can advise and supply a system that will give the drying rates that are necessary to meet your requirements without losing the benefits of traditional bulk storage.



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